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Brand Protection

Brand protection prevents brand abuse.Pia S5 will get you to the desired content anywhere on earth and keep you safe from unwanted IP bans.

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Uplift your brand protection operations

Proxies are central to the brand protection, combat geo-restrictions and IP blocks, You can monitor the web on a large scale and access as many resources as you need to secure your intellectual property.

Monitor Brand Dynamics At Scale
With a large number of counterfeit and unauthorized products increasing every day, maintaining a brand's reputation and profitability is not easy. Our agents can help. You will easily manage the scale of surveillance and access content from any corner of the world. With the high availability of residential proxies, you will stop forging on time.
Gather Data From Complex Targets
With our smart API capabilities, you can monitor dynamically loaded websites, torrents, movies, and illegal streams on any platform, and no matter how complex your goals are, Pia will adapt to any changes to your website. This saves you time and resources and effectively prevents fraud.
Powerful Geo-Targeting
Copyright infringers sell unauthorized products and services worldwide. To stay on top of them, you should monitor web pages in different countries.Pia provides the most flexible geo-targeting options ever. Filter your proxies by country, city, or region. Narrow down your targeting settings to a specific ISP or mobile carrier.
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