Shipping terms

You can visit PiaProxy by the web address : , we do our best to provide a consistent and sustainable service to our clients. Please read this document carefully before using PiaProxy service.

About delivery

If the purchase is successful, the package plan you purchased will be sent to your email inbox immediately via email. You can also find the package plan in your PiaProxy personal center. We recommend checking your mailbox for spam in case purchased packages do not arrive.

NOTE: Due to payment system processing times, you may experience some delays in delivery. This is absolutely normal as VISA/Mastercard/Paypal payment methods take some time for the verification process. Our advice is to visit the PiaProxy profile page and check if the plan appears in your locker. You can also check your email within the next 48 hours.

Our Service Guarantee

1. Performance of package plans within 48 hours of purchase, subject to all rules of cooperation with them.

2. Confidentiality of data sent during transmission and in the future.

3. If the product fails due to our service fault, it will be replaced. Namely: blocked, deleted or incorrect data in accounts and packages with valid guarantees.

If you have followed all the rules in the General Advice section and still have problems accessing your plan, then you can contact our support team at [email protected]. If we detect issues with a plan and determine the source of the problem, we will replace the plan with a new, functioning plan.

One rule applies to substitutions:

We only offer package plan guarantees within 48 hours of purchase.

The only case where a replacement is applicable is a disabled or invalid package plan that cannot be accessed.

When you log into your account, all actions and results are entirely up to the user side. We do not provide any assistance or refunds for various failures that may occur after successful use.

If you purchase a package plan by mistake, please contact the official customer service email to apply for replacement service. The email address is: [email protected].

Effective date: July 2022