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How to Set Up PIA Proxy Manager on Chrome

  • 1. Get the PIA proxy extension

    Download and install the PIA Proxy extension.
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    2. One-click connection to switch unlimited IP

    No need to register, click "connect" to automatically switch between multiple IPs.
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    3. 350M+ IPs from real devices

    Access 350 million real residential proxies from desktop and mobile in over 200 countries around the world.

Get all the best proxy features for Chrome

Best PIA Proxy Extension
PIA proxy extension for Chrome. Rotating and Sticky sessions are included. Provide multiple IPs to avoid banning or detection.
Simple PIA proxy extension
No more worrying about finding a proxy for your browsing. The PIA Proxy extension lets you log in and get instant access to our Rotating and Sticky sessions.
Manage anywhere
Need to access and manage multiple social media accounts for your institution? The PIA Proxy extension is the perfect proxy plugin for any large scale operation. Just set up a location and use sticky sessions to instantly access and manage accounts.

No Account Necessary

Most services require you to sign up before enjoying free content. PIA Proxy Manager’s mission is to protect your identity. So the PIA Proxy Manager Chrome extension is just one click away without the unnecessary account setup.
Go to the Chrome web store and search for PIA Proxy Manager. Click Add. Then simply choose to turn it ON or OFF in Chrome. No identification necessary.
And while our extension only works on Chrome, if you register for our PIA Proxy Manager app, you can add it to any major device, including Windows, Android, iOS. And you can use on up to 3 devices simultaneously!
Get a proxy now. You are 100% safe!
PIA Proxy Manager has selected the most reliable sources to provide you with high quality and various types of IP bans, allowing you to perform your daily tasks with ease.
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