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Best Socks5 Residential Proxies in 2023 PIA Proxy - Lifetime Proxy Validity

SOCKS5 proxies are a good option if you want to browse the web with better security and performance while staying anonymous. There are many proxy providers in the market that offer SOCKS5 Residential proxies that choosing the best one for your project becomes easy.


Why Should You Use SOCKS5
Residential Proxy


Better performance

SOCKS5 doesn’t rewrite packets. Instead, it relays the web traffic between the systems. Hence, it involves fewer errors and leads to better performance.

Higher security

It offers better security than other proxies as it supports various authentication methods for verifying identity.


Apart from security, it is better to conceal your personal information or device identity to keep you anonymous while using the web.
Best SOCKS5 Proxies Review
Our proxy experts have reviewed 70 proxy services to help you choose the best SOCKS5 proxy for your online business, internet security, privacy, and freedom.

We found the best SOCKS5 residential proxies

- PIA Proxy


Why PIA Proxy is the best
SOCKS5 proxy


PIA Proxy's 150 million high-quality SOCKS5 proxies come from residential devices.

You can get them in any country, with the option to specify a city. Best of all, they have high-speed connections that guarantee 99.99% uptime. This ensures you stay connected without worrying about downtime and network failures.

PIA Proxy provides proxy with fast speed, unlimited bandwidth and high anonymity.

In addition to IPv4 proxies, there are rare IPv6 proxies. Allows you to choose the type of agent to purchase, the number of agents, and the price is flexible. Apart from that, you can enjoy 24/7 customer service experience.
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img IP Pool Size:
Over 150 million IPs
img Locations:
Over 180 locations worldwide
img Target:
country, state, city, IP range, ZIP, ISP,
etc. API access to proxy IP
img Integration:
Compatible with any software, tool
or game and third-party app
img Concurrency:
img Bandwidth:

Starting from


valid for life

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Frequently Asked Question
Can I get a free SOCKS5 proxy?

Technically, you can find a free SOCKS5 proxy, but it's not recommended due to lack of features. Free proxies are slow and unreliable because you need to share them with others. However, you may experience downtime because the provider won't be interested in fixing it. If you're on a tight budget, you can try finding a more affordable SOCKS5 proxy provider, such as PIA Proxy's Residential Proxy, which can give you a good deal.

What can I do with SOCKS5 proxy?

Once you buy SOCKS5 proxies, you can start using them for various reasons. For example, you can hide your IP address, access blocked content, ad verification, market research and more.

How to use a residential proxy?

PIA Proxy's residential proxies are available for virtually all devices and software platforms. To learn how to properly set up and use a residential proxy on your device, check out this quick start guide, which includes details on everything from the proxy's technical capabilities to integration with third-party software.。