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What do I do after I complete the purchase process?
After you have completed the purchase, you can use the PIA, click here for proxy settings.
What if the proxy doesn't work?
Proxies also tend to "break", we try to prevent this, but if you still find a problem - please contact our support. We are online 24/7.
How many simultaneous threads/connections can be used with your proxies?
Our proxies are as stable as possible when working with various purposes. At the moment, for many, it is very important to use proxies on multiple devices. We in no way limit our users in this, but creating a large number of threads on one proxy will lead to a decrease in speed. Based on this, for perfect work with a proxy, we recommend using it on no more than 3 devices.
How often do you update your proxies?
We try to update our server pool as often as possible for our clients. This applies to both the number of IPs and the list of countries. Now we can provide you with proxies from 180+ countries.
Are there traffic restrictions?
No, but with high traffic consumption, restrictions may be imposed by the cellular operator.
Why is my server/VPS showing the wrong location?
You may find that when you look up your server's/VPS's location on a site like iplocation.net, that it shows to be in a different location than you had requested for the product.
This is because the IP that is assigned to the server/VPS has not had its Geolocation updated yet. However, your server/VPS is physically located in the location you have requested, and this physical location is where the signal is directly coming from. The virtual location of the IP associated with the server has no effect on performance at all.
What are all available Pia S5 pricing plans?
Pia S5's Residential Proxies have four plans, Popular Plan, Business Plan, US Static IP Plan, Enterprise Plan, which you can buy via Pricing.
If you plan to purchase a custom proxy package, please contact our support team at support@piaproxy.com to discuss your exact business needs and pricing.
Can't receive the registration verification code by email?
1. Please also check your spam box
2. In order to ensure that you can receive the email normally, please confirm that the email address is filled in correctly.
What are the most common use cases for proxies?
We have a whole variety of purposes and use cases where our proxies will be an ideal match. Ad verification, social media marketing, affiliate testing and more.If you fail to find your case in the list from the menu, make sure you contact us directly for more information. When you buy Enterprise plan from us, you will be able to get a prompt response from our support specifically referring to your case.
How can I be sure that I get the best proxies for my money?
We are constantly on a lookout for the residential proxy pricing policy that will be optimum for our customers. We monitor the industry and fine tune our pricing policy to match your limited budgets. We make sure you get the best price/performance ratio for your dollar when it comes to proxies. When you buy residential proxy ips from us we will carefully study your needs and cater just the right solution.
Can I use proxies with any browser?
You can use our proxies with every application that supports SOCKS5 proxies. If you require any assistance on how to setup your proxies on a browser, please visit the User Guide section.
Do you provide technical documentation?
Yes, we provide comprehensive documentation on all our products.
You can access the documentation from here: https://www.piaproxy.com/helpguide/
How big is Pia S5' proxy IP pool?
We currently have over 150 million proxies in 180 locations. To see the countries where we have the most IPs, visit our location page .
What is the Pia S5 ?
Pia S5 is a professional socks5 proxy tool that provides 150 million residential IPs to meet the needs of various business scenarios.
What if the network times out or cannot connect?
It is recommended to refresh the interface and try again, or change the proxy ip and recheck the connection status between your local network and the proxy network.
Can't log in due to abnormal account status?
Your account has touched the risk control mechanism of payment, causing the account to be abnormal and unusable. The abnormality will be resolved after 30 minutes.
How long can I use the proxy?
When you use a proxy, it costs 1 proxy balance from your account, which supports up to 24 hours of usage. But our proxies are residential proxies, please understand that the survival time of residential proxies is from a few hours to a few days, which is normal.
How do I use the proxy ip I used before?
You can continue to use it in todaylist. In general, proxies used in TodayList are deleted after 24 hours.
Does the phone work?
Yes, the mobile phone and the computer are kept in the same network environment and the IP segment is the same, Phone proxy configuration.
How to switch IP?
Re-select an IP address in the obtained proxy list, right-click the second selection port (the port needs to be the same as the configured port), and refresh the page IP to switch successfully.
Some countries have only a few proxies available, how to solve it?
Lower the frequency cap and you can get more proxies this way. Go to the "Settings" tab and find "Port Number", the default value is 20, you can adjust this setting up to 99.
Is the proxy of Pia S5 hidden?
Yes, Pia uses a Socks5 residential proxy encrypted with a strong encryption algorithm.
Is it possible to search IPs by ZIP code?
Yes, the client can enter ZIP for search or fuzzy search, for example: enter 9* for fuzzy search, all zip codes starting with 9 will be displayed in the list.
How to choose country/city?
Pia supports selection of country, state, city. If you haven't seen it yet, please upgrade to the latest version: Download Now
What specific businesses does the Pia S5 proxy apply to?
Pia S5 can be used by businesses that require extensive residential IP operations, such as ad verification, market research, brand protection, travel fare aggregation, network security, SEO monitoring, price monitoring, email protection.
What systems does the Pia S5 support?
Windows, MacOS, iPhone, android, etc.
Why is there a difference in IP detection?
The country displayed by the fingerprint browser is different from the country displayed by the proxy IP, because there are about 3% differences in the way different websites resolve IP to country.
Which platforms are supported?
We support all platforms that require a Socks5 proxy IP. Including but not limited to browsers, fingerprint browsers, emulators...
I'm using a Pia S5, why does it still show my original IP when I check?
Our software supports Windows7 and above, if on your system, you cannot start or display your original IP address when you use the proxy, please try the following steps step by step until it is resolved:
1. It is likely that the active protection/real-time protection of your antivirus software is blocking Pia's proxy function by mistake, you can try to turn off your antivirus software or whitelist the Pia files. After that, redownload the latest version of Pia and try again.
2. It may be caused by software conflict, when we find conflicting software, we will update the list here.
3. Your system may not be an original copy of Windows from Microsoft and therefore is missing some files that Pia's default agent tool needs to work.
Can I use the same Pia S5 account on 2 or more devices?
Yes, you can. In fact, you can even run your profiles simultaneously on several devices.
How can I change my password?
Log out of your Pia S5 account, click "Forgot Password".
Where can I find out my current version of Pia S5?
Look at the very top left of the Pia S5 client. For example, Pia S5 Proxy (1.2.0).
What are the benefits of your service?
We offer 100% residential proxies with rich geo-targeting
Flexible country/region/city/ISP/ZIP-level targeting
150 million IP pool
Are your proxies anonymous?
The residential ip we provide is anonymous, and when using a fingerprint browser, fingerprint replacement can also be done to help anonymity.
Which proxies do you offer, IPv4 or IPv6?
We offer both, but most of them are IPv4.
Do you have an API?
Yes. With our API you will be able to access proxies and take full control of your account. You can find the instructions and documentation here.
Configure proxies on the browser, fingerprint browser, emulator, proxy manager or operating system?
Don't know how to set up a proxy on your browser, fingerprint browser, emulator, computer or mobile device? no problem! Check out our configuration guide here.
Website is not loading?
If a website doesn't load, make sure you're able to load other websites. If other websites load up fine, then it is likely that the target website is having issues. In case the website is online, and you still cannot load it, please check if you get any Socks Error codes. You might also be experiencing a speed issue. Try to change the IP and/or port to fix this.
Where can I find the dashboard?
You can find the dashboard by clicking here.
Can you prepare a custom proxy package for me?
Yes, we can prepare almost any custom solution for your needs. Please contact our support team at support@piaproxy.com to discuss your exact business requirements and pricing. In order to find the best solution for your case, our team will ask what you plan on using our products for, and how much IP you may need.
Buy problem
Why has my service been stopped?
If your service is suspended, and you make a payment before suspension, there is most likely a billing issue. If so, please contact our support for further assistance.
After my referred client pays on your site, will the IPs be immediately credited to my balance?
In case of the successful payment by your client, the IPs will be immediately credited to your affiliate balance.
Can I buy via my own referral link?
Yes, but there will be no IP for this.
How to get an invoice?
Log in to your account to view or download invoices in your billing history.
Do you offer discounts?
"Absolutely! We do offer different types of packages and discounts. If you are going to buy large proxies, we provide you with exclusive corporate services with up to 60% discount.
If you want to buy it now, click here.
Is there any bandwidth limit?
No, all our packages come with unlimited bandwidth by default.
How to pay?
Open the subscription page: https://checkout.piaproxy.com, select the appropriate package and click buy to recharge
Do you have referral offer?
Yes, we have a referral system. You can read more about our referral program by visiting the link below. https://www.piaproxy.com/refer-friend/
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards, virtual currencies (including USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, etc.), bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay.
Can I only buy proxies from specific countries?
Using 1 proxy requires 1 proxy balance and you can use 1 proxy from any country, state or city without limit!
How long does the IP balance in the account expire?
Your recharge balance in the account of the Pia S5 agent will never expire, and there is no requirement for how long it must be used up, so you can use it with peace of mind.
Do you offer a trial?
We do not offer trials, you can order the smallest package to test.
Can I get a refund?
We do not issue refunds for any paid services that are not features of the product. Please note that all payments are final. If you think the agent or software isn't working properly, we're here to help you out.
How long does it take to receive an agent balance or activate my account after payment?
If you pay by other payment methods other than virtual currency, you should receive it immediately after payment. If you pay with virtual currency, there may be a delay of 30-60 minutes!
I paid for the wrong account! What should I do?
Contact our support team for that. They will help you transfer your money to the right one.
Do you offer unlimited IP plans?
Yes, our unlimited pricing plans have unlimited IP usage and we charge by the time.
How to using discount coupon code?
If you have a discount coupon code and want to use it, you need to:
1. Register an account.
2. Go to the 'Pricing' page.
3. Choose a plan
4. Enter the coupon code during purchase and purchase the plan.
Note: Coupons are not valid for crypt purchases and unlimited plans.
Proxy was not activated after payment?
You’re in a safe place! Please send an email to support@piaproxy.com or start a chat via Telegram and we’ll assist as soon as possible.
What are the differences between US Static IP Plan Proxies and other plan Proxies?
The main difference between Pia US Static IP Plan and other plan proxies is session duration. When using a US Static IP Plan proxy, you can keep the same IP address for up to 24 hours. When using Residential Proxies, we can’t guarantee long sessions since these proxies are obtained from actual devices, while US Static IP Plan Proxies are hosted on servers that have high uptime.
Virtual Currency Self Recharge

Open order link > select plan > click Buy Now > select cryptocurrency > select TRX/USDT > enter email and password, click confirm > complete payment > enter TaxID, swipe to verify > Sure Open the order link, select the plan that suits you, and click Buy Now
1. Open the order link, select the plan that suits you, and click Buy Now

2. Select Virtual Currency, select TRX / USDT

3. Enter your PIA account email and password, and click Confirm

4. Payment

4.1 Scan the QR code with your device

4.2 Enter the payment amount and complete the payment

5. After the transaction is completed, enter your TaxID

6. Complete the sliding verification, click Sure

7. After the payment is successful, log in to the PIA account to check the balance